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Top 10 Best mixer grinder in india 2021 | mixer grinder under 3000

Today I'll tell you about the best mixer grinder that you can buy in India 2021 of every budget.

Do you want the best & the cheapest mixer grinder or the one with a maximum warranty? Do you want the mixer grinder with the best features and have no Budget limits people have varied requirements but do you need to see different articles for different requirements? Well No 


There are 3 categories of mixer grinder and each category has 3 products choose anyone as per your needs and requirements.


But before that listen to these points carefully as they are very important.

Criteria We Used in Rating the Products

As it is, mixer grinders have a very simple technology and whatever innovation is to take place is to be found in the configuration of motor, materials used in the products, design of blades, products, etc. Therefore, we base our criteria on
  • The wattage of the motor used 
  • Speed
  • Jars 
  • Blade designs 
  • Durability &
  • Price
  • Warranty

Best mixer grinder in india 2021

    Motor power mixer grinder

    A higher wattage grinder is required only to grind tough ingredients like whole spices,

    Otherwise go for a mixer grinder with less power if your mixer grinder over-heats, then it is your fault because you are using it wrong don't continuously use a mixer grinder for more than 2-3 minutes maintain a minutes break before using it again Don't fall the claims regarding 30 minutes continues operation I highly recommend not to try it RPM ( rotation per minute) is the most important factor in a mixer grinder there will be a burning smell while using a mixer grinder for the first time and it is normal because the grinder will burn the varnish do not forget to see the 



    Must check how many jars come with the mixer grinder,

    Number of jars and their built material while buying a mixer grinder stainless steel and food-grade plastic jars the best and this is must check their quality all the mixer grinder in my list have jars of stainless steel or food-grade plastic



    Average noise levels of a mixer grinder vary between 80-90dB on full capacity they might even reach up to 110dB this is normal 



    1)Bajaj GX-1 mixer grinder

    1)Bajaj GX-1 mixer grinder



    3 jars made by stainless steel (blades are of stainless steel too) it's body is made of ABS and it has motor overload protector with copper motor all the mixer grinders in this list have a copper motor its 500W motor works on 20000 RPM and it weighs 3kg if costs 1900rupees approx and it has 1 year comprehensive and 1-year warranty on the motor this is a value for money mixer grinder 

    2) Life Long power

    2) Life Long power mixer



    500W motor & 3 jars
    Stainless steel jars and blades 
    Anit-Spill plastic lids with rubber ring
    Overload protector 
    Anti - Skid feet
    Its 500w motor works on 1800 RPM and it weighs 3kg it costs 1500rupees approx and it has 1-year warranty I wonder why it is named life long when it has 1-year warranty it is good blades links are given in  

    3)Maharaja whiteline Neo mixer grinder

    3)Maharaja whiteline Neo mixer grinder



    500w motor and 3 jars made of stainless steel (blades are of stainless steel too)
    Air ventilation system
    30 minutes continuous grinding
    Food grade plastic is used and that's a very good thing the material beneath jar is 'nylon 66 coupler' which is a good and tough material you get 5-in-1 chutney blades which are essential in a mixer grinder it's 500W motor works on 20000 RPM and it weights 4kg it costs 2000rupees approx and it has 1 year comprehensive and 2 years warranty on the motor this is a good mixer grinder with high RPM motor and moderate plastic which is a very good and I have placed it above Maharaja mixer grinder only because of its price benefits choose anyone as they both are on equal rank 



    EXTRA Warranty mixer grinder

    1) Butterfly smart mixer grinder

    1) Butterfly smart mixer grinder


    Best mixer grinder in india 750 watts 

    750W motor and 4jars made of stainless steel (blades of stainless steel too with ABS body ) it has a juicer with sieve it has a juicer pusher made with food-grade plastic it has a unique butterfly design and I completely agree with it. Its 750W motor works on 18500 RPM and it weighs 4.6Kg it costs 3000 rupees approx and it has 2 years comprehensive and 2-year warranty on the motor. 

    2) Philips HL7756 mixer grinder

    2) Philips HL7756 mixer grinder
    750W motor and 3 jars made of stainless steel (blades are of stainless steel too) it comes with a multi-function blade system the jar 
    Handles have an easy grip its body is made of ABS and it has advanced air ventilator system according to Philips it has unique triangular body design but I don't think so I think it is a basic good design it's 750W motor works on 18000 RPM and it weighs 3kg it costs 3400 rupees and it has 2 years comprehensive and 5-year warranty on the motor this is good and clean looking mixer grinder with good RPM motor but there is a small problem its air ventilation system is just a gimmick do not fall for it otherwise this is a good mixer grinder

    3) Havells Aspro mixer grinder 

    3) Havells Aspro mixer grinder


    motor and 3 jars made of stainless steel blades it has motor overload protector with auto shut off which is a very good feature but sadly there's no juicer it 500W motor works on 21000 RPM and it weighs 4kg it costs 2400 rupees approx and it has 2 years comprehensive and 5-year warranty on the motor this is a value for money mixer grinder with high RPM motor but there is a small con- there is no juicer

    Premium mixer grinder

    1)Sujata powermatic plus mixer grinder

    1)Sujata powermatic plus mixer grinder

    Best juicer mixer grinder in india 2021

     900W and 4 jars (1 is made of stainless steel and 3 of polycarbonate) Sujata claims 90 minutes continuous running but I think you should use it the way I have mentioned in points it has a shock-proof juicer with honeycomb mesh filter which is a fantastic thing the juicer is of fantastic quality its double ball-bearing 900W motor comes with copper winding and produces 22000 RPM (whopping) and it weighs 5Kg it costs 5700rupees approx it has 1-year comprehensive warranty this is a fantastic mixer grinder with a good motor and high RPM its juicer is amazing but there is 1 problem only 1-year warranty but if that's not an issue

    2) Prestige IRIS PLUS mixer grinder 

    2) Prestige IRIS PLUS mixer grinder
    750W motor and 4jars made by stainless steel with super-efficient blades it has a juicer with a sieve according to prestige sturdy handles have been used and this is true its 750W motor comes with copper winding and produces 20000 RPM and it weighs 5.5Kg or costs 3500 rupees approx and has 2-year comprehensive warranty this is a good mixer grinder used for all works its motor and RPM are good 

    3) Bosch truemixx pro mixer grinder

    3) Bosch truemixx pro mixer grinder


    750W motor and 3 jars made of stainless steel its blades are stainless steel with stone pounding technology with pounding blades it has flux motor and overload protection the jars come with a unique lid-lock which is very good it has nylon couplers concealed bush is given at the bottom of the mixer it's 750W motor works on 19000 RPM and it weighs 4Kg it costs 5300 rupees approx and it has 2-year comprehensive warranty let talk about its pros and cons this is a good mixer grinder with unique design (especially the lid-lock)

    Best mixer grinder in india 2021 under 2000

    Best Mixers Below 2000 ModelsPrice
    Bajaj GX1 500w Mixer Grinder₹1,949
    Singer Chefy 500W Mixer Grinder (3 Jars)₹1,599
    Eveready Moler Dx Mixer Grinder (3 Jars)₹1,999
    Eveready MG500i LX 500W Mixer Grinder (2 Jars)₹1,749
    Magic Surya Nano 450W Mixer Grinder₹1,599
    Eveready MG500i 500W Mixer Grinder (3 Jars)₹1,599
    Singer Riyo DX 500W Mixer Grinder (3 Jars)₹1,880
    Flipkart SmartBuy Powerchef Pro 500W Mixer Grinder (2 Jars)₹1,519
    Maharaja Nano 500W Mixer Grinder₹1,569
    Glen GL 4045BG Blender Grinder₹1,897

    Best mixer grinder in india 2021 under 3000 

    Best Mixer Below 3000 ModelsPrice
    Prestige Stylo 550W Mixer Grinder₹2,935
    Butterfly Rapid 750W Mixer Grinder (4 Jars)₹2,999
    Baltra Cozy BMG-130 400W Mixer Grinder₹3,000
    Wonderchef Nutri Blend 400 Juicer Mixer Grinder (2 Jars)₹2,700
    Usha Colt Plus MG-3772 750W Mixer Grinder (3 Jars)₹2,999
    Orpat Kitchen Gold 750W Mixer Grinder₹2,990
    Maharaja Whiteline MG Turbo Twist 750W Mixer Grinder (3 Jars)₹2,749
    Kenstar Slender 7 KMN75B3S 750W Mixer Grinder₹2,599
    Bajaj Neo JX4 450W Juicer Mixer Grinder (2 Jars)₹2,945
    Philips HL7510/00 550W Mixer Grinder₹2,999

    Best mixer grinder in india 2021 under 5000

    Best Mixer Under 5000 Price List ModelsPrice
    Bajaj GX1 500w Mixer Grinder₹1,949
    Lifelong Power Pro 500W Mixer Grinder (3 Jars)₹1,399
    Prestige Iris 750W Mixer Grinder (4 Jar)₹3,299
    Philips HL 7756 750W Mixer Grinder (3 Jars)₹3,290
    Bajaj Classic 750W Mixer Grinder₹2,299
    Prestige Stylo 550W Mixer Grinder₹2,935
    Maharaja Whiteline Joy Turbo 750W Juicer Mixer Grinder (3 Jars)₹3,122
    Vidiem Vstar Premium 750W Mixer Grinder (5 Jars)₹4,680
    Maharaja Whiteline Montero JX-126 550W 3 Jars Juicer₹3,299
    Philips HL 7576 600W Juicer Mixer Grinder₹3,649

    Best mixer grinder in India 1000 watts

    Best 1000W Mixers ModelsPrice
    Prestige Iris 750W Mixer Grinder (4 Jar)₹3,299
    Philips HL 7756 750W Mixer Grinder (3 Jars)₹3,290
    Sujata Dynamix 900W MIxer Grinder (3 Jars)₹6,049
    Vidiem Vstar Premium 750W Mixer Grinder (5 Jars)₹4,680
    Butterfly Smart 750W Mixer Grinder (4 Jar)₹4,569
    Butterfly Rapid 750W Mixer Grinder (4 Jars)₹2,999
    Philips Avance Collection HL-7707 Mixer Grinder (4 Jars)₹6,999
    Preethi Platinum Select 750W Mixer Grinder (3 Jars)₹3,499
    Preethi Aries 750W Mixer Grinder (4 Jars)₹5,895
    Havells Maxx Grind 750W Mixer Grinder (3 Jars)₹3,330

    Choices you best mixer grinder in India 


    Best mixer grinder in India 2021 for batter understand watch this video


    What is a mixer grinder?

    A grinder-mixer may be a form of agricultural machine accustomed method placental feed from grain. A grinder-mixer may be a transportable mill that mixes the blending and grinding operations.

    Grinding of ingredients usually improves feed digestibleness, satisfactoriness, combining properties and pelletability.

    Grain is often powdery during a grinder-mixer either by hammer mills or roller mills.

    Hammermills square measure impact grinders with swinging or stationary steel bars forcing ingredients against a circular screen or solid toothed section selected as a hanging plate. Material is command within the grinding chamber till it's reduced to the dimensions of the openings within the screen. the amount of hammers on a rod, their size, arrangement, sharpness, the speed of rotation, wear patterns, and clearance at the tip relative to the screen or hanging plate square measure necessary variables in grinding capability and also the look of ground feed.

    A combination of cutting, attrition, and crushing happens in roller mills. These square measure sleek or furrowed rolls rotating at an equivalent speed set at a pre-determined distance apart with material passing between the 2. A tearing action is also side by in operation the rolls at totally {different|completely different} speeds and by different for every roll.

    The objective of feed combining is to begin with a particular assortment of ingredients referred to as a "formula", totaling some definite weight. this can be processed in order that every little unit of the entire, either a mouthful or a day's feeding, is that the same proportion because the original formula. the blending method is finished within the vertical tank. It determines the balanced nutritionary quality of the feed.]

    After the feed is ground and mixed, it passes through a system of particulate screens. From there, solely appropriate granules expire to the delivery method, and waste is distributed to the charging chute. Mizer grinder is AN electronic home appliance that accustomed combine and grind numerous food things. it's compact on size and plays a significant role in preparation of food. it always comes with 3 jars crafted out of prime quality chrome steel. These jars square measure incorporated with multifunctional blades which will perform all kinds of chores during a few seconds.

    Best Mixer Grinders in India 2021 – A Buying Guide

    Mixer grinder is that the most indispensable appliance in Indian kitchens. within the gift times, making ready food might get very difficult and time intense while not it. no one currently has time to crush ingredients utilized in everyday change of state, ingredients like chilly, garlic, ginger, etc in an exceedingly mortar. Neither is it a good manner of doing it.

    When girls of the house in Republic of India accustomed crush things in mortar with pestle, ofttimes they'd realize bits of those ingredients fly into their eyes. Or one thing would take aerial route and land somewhere on their room floor.

    And WHO would forget the efforts that South Indian girls accustomed place in creating fine batter for making ready soft idlies? what proportion time they spent in creating it! typically the batters or pastes or chutneys ready on stones additionally contained gritty particles of stones in them.

    Here’s wherever the mixer grinders are available in permanently. area unit|they're} designed to arrange fine pastes and batters and juices in no time with the assistance of jars mounted with blades that are designed otherwise for performing arts totally different tasks.

    They are an honest thanks to save cash in addition. such a big amount of things that you just get from groceries or malls is ready reception with the assistance of this glorious device in your room. you'll be able to build things like catsup, bread crumbs, chutneys, etc in larger quantities than you discover packed in bottles and jars. With the add you pay on one tiny bottle of catsup or pasta sauce, you'll be able to manufacture thrice the number contained in it at home…having higher style than those ready-to-eat product.

    Indian individuals, WHO square measure wise enough to provide zero to the planet and keep the remainder with them, square measure fast to adopt something that saves them cash – mixer grinders enclosed. Through this mixer grinder shopping for guide, we wish to allow them to comprehend the simplest decisions out there to them in 2021.

    Some customers tend to travel with some previous brands as a result of that’s what they see on the shelves of the showrooms they visit. Our advise to them is to urge out of the well and visit on-line stores like Amazon and Flipkart. it might virtually surprise them to envision such a big amount of new and exhilarating product showcased in on-line galleries.

    But, here, the matter isn't limitedness of alternative however quite the contrary. such a big amount of product square measure there! And that one you ought to get for yourself? we are able to facilitate them move into this regard.

    What Purpose you wish Them to Serve

    This is necessary. you wish to raise yourself this question, “What you wish it for?” for various functions, there square measure differing kinds of product.


    These are available in totally different shapes and sizes. One kind may be a hand-held device that is employed for beating eggs, whipping curd, cream, yogurt, butter milk, boiled dal, etc. These are known as blenders.

    Another kind is stick mixer of that one finish encompasses a handle with turn on it and another has blades secured in an exceedingly safety guard. this can be sensible for making ready batter for cake, pudding, etc.

    Still another is termed bullet mixer like Wonderchef’s Wonderchef Nutri-Blend. Please note that this product additionally comes with a separate jar for grinding. therefore this can be one thing that's comparable general food processors that we have a tendency to square measure attending to traumatize latter on. this can be far better than stick mixer and hand-held mixers. it's additionally higher than serious duty food processors therein it's so much bigger movability than food processors. Its sharp blades have bigger potency than different hand-held devices – and additionally utility.

    Another huge advantage of bullet mixer is that its jars may also be used as containers to carry what's processed in it. Some additionally supply seasoning cap for these jars. This facility is nice for people who take into account it a haul to transfer things from one implement to a different. For them it's increasing the utensils to scrub.

    Finally, there's the tabletop mixer. this can be solely a bit bit larger in size than bullet blenders and in its form it comes quite on the brink of the form of tower food processors. this kind is nice for extracting juices from fruits, vegetables like beats and carrots, making ready milk shake, and things like that. it's sensible that this device comes with totally different speed settings and additionally what's known as Pulse button. Pulse helps for mixing things that don’t need the extent of churning and mixing that's required for juices.


    These are available in 2 varieties: dry grinders & wet grinders.

    Dry grinders square measure meant for grinding dry and onerous ingredients like dry ginger, dry turmeric, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, dry chilly, pepper, cinnamon and things like that. In Indian cookery these ingredients square measure used on daily. therefore individuals tend to grind of these ingredients along, maintaining proportion of every and each ingredient utilized in it and prepare a mix that suits their style well. Dry grinder reduces everything in to a fine powder that may have all flavors dead blending in it. once it's utilized in making ready recipes, the combined flavors of of these ingredients dead mingle within the dishes.

    Wet grinders build use of identical construct on that food processors square measure based mostly with the distinction that wet grinders feature set of stones that can't handle onerous ingredients. they're sensible for creating fine batter out of wet pulses, cereals, etc. Also, they are available with terribly low wattages compared to dry grinders.

     Full-Fledged Food Processors

    Mixing, grinding, juicing…These appliances ar designed for activity of these tasks through one machine. These either have a tower form or L-shape style. Most of the half folks like these appliances to separate mixers and grinders and juicers. it's quite logical conjointly to own one issue that serves multiple functions rather than cluttering your cupboards with sundry appliances. numerous of them ar hardly used. On the opposite hand, the combined mixer grinders ar designed to be used on day after day.

    Until recently, most brands used the L-shape style. Rarely, seldom some used cuboid style for his or her product. no one in past thought that the L-shaped occupied a lot of counter-space. They thought it to be dead transportable. it's bit by bit because the makers juggled with shapes and sizes to come back up with styles that took each movability and performance to succeeding level of excellence. That’s however they are available up with tower form mixer grinders.

    After the tower mixer grinders have hit the markets worldover, folks began to think about L-shape to be occupying a lot of house. Similarly, the cuboid style has conjointly undergone a lot of aesthetic changes to come back up with additional succinctly designed product.

    Please note that, here, we tend to ar talking regarding the outer form, appearance and movability. The technological enhancements ar a very completely different subject that we tend to shall discuss it next.

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    • Best room Hood in India
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    • Top ten kitchen appliance in 2021
    • Technical Specifications to seem Out For

    As already aforesaid before, mixer grinders ar supported quite oversimplified thought and no matter innovations manifest itself, it's at intervals the bounds set by this idea. they have to apply to admixture, grinding and juicing. the subsequent ar the tech-specs that mostly impact their purposeful capacities:

    Wattage of the Motor

    Whenever you hear or examine the electrical power that is obtainable in an exceedingly given product, it means that the electrical power of the motor. If the merchandise options higher electrical power, it means that it's invested with with a motor that holds that a lot of power. Generally, for numerous preparation processes in Indian kitchens don't need quite 500W to 750W. However, there ar product that provide electrical power up to 1000W.

    In principle, the additional powerful the motor, the additional economical and fast the performance of the threesome tasks. Product with higher electrical power additional with efficiency breaks down exhausting ingredients.

    Rotation per Minute (RPM)

    The higher the electrical power, the upper the rotation per minute. Motors with high electrical power delivers larger force. The motility force that force generates leads to sure variety of rotations of the blades per minute. For domestic usage, 18,000 to 23,000 rate is enough. You regulate it through speed settings. Naturally, exhausting ingredients want higher rate whereas soft ingredients need lower rate.

    Speed Controls

    Most devices go with a dial for ever-changing speed. it's sensible to undertake out what proportion force it needs to twist the dial or knob. Some dials ar extremely terribly exhausting to show. higher check them out. The dial that's too exhausting to show is bound to not last long.

    Even higher than a dial is piano buttons for the aim. These ar completely straightforward to handle, not requiring a lot of force. And it's easier to vary speed by pressing buttons than twisting a dial.


    For each task, food processors dedicate a jar that's organized for that task. If you would like to grind one thing, then you wish a grinding jar. If you utilize the mixing jar for it, it's bound to fail. Similarly, mixing jar for mixing, and juicer jar for juicing. It jar comes with special set of blades that ar designed for a given task.

    This specific facet might not sound important initially, however after you place the jars to use, you start to understand however vital it's for them to own nicely fitting lids. Some brands supply seal for having the lids nicely match on the jars. Some supply lid locks to stop the content to induce out of the jars and spill on the machine.

    Some high-end product supply a technology known as Active Flow Breaker. It’s quite fascinating. It checks the motion of the content of a jar in such how that it falls directly on the blades. The end result is way higher than that of brands that don’t feature this technology in their product.


    The design of the blades is that the second most vital part in an exceedingly mixer grinder when the motor. totally different brands have return up with otherwise designed blades for higher performance. bound shapes of the blades, together with their sharpness, area unit additional economical in finishing up the task they're designed for. the majority brands build use of chrome steel in their blades as a result of it makes them rustless and preserves their sharpness for long.


    This includes electrical fuse, overload protection and hid bush at the lowest. it's higher to settle on a product that comes with machine throw perform to counter any risk of injury that heating could cause to the machine.


    If you compare the costs of various mixer grinders, you'll notice that there area unit bound brands that supply their product at very reasonable value and there area unit some that area unit costlier than others. it's not necessary that the affordable product area unit dangerous. Brands like Bajaj and status build it some extent to create their product reasonable to all or any sections of the society while not compromising their quality. Therefore, they're one in all the bestselling brands.

    n the opposite hand, there area unit product that area unit pricey as a result of they are available with several utilitarian options and technologies.

    Best Mixer Grinder in India – Frequently Asked Questions

    Which are the best mixer grinders in India?

    1)Sujata powermatic plus mixer grinder,2) Prestige IRIS PLUS mixer grinder ,3) Bosch truemixx pro mixer grinder

    How to select the simplest mixer grinder?

    Browse galleries of on-line retailers for the vary of product, compare their options, price, etc and, finally, bear the client reviews.

    What ought to be the perfect power for a mixer grinder?

    From 750W to 1000W.

    What is Active Flow Breaker?

    It’s a technology that checks the motion of the content of a jar, creating it fall on the blades.

    What is the performance of an electrical fuse in an exceedingly mixer grinder?

    It turns off the device just in case there's an Associate in a Nursing overload of current or there's a danger of contact.

    The Best Mixer Grinders in Bharat – Conclusion
    We ar terribly happy to place forth the most effective mixer grinders in Bharat for you to decide on from. whereas we have a tendency to own that it's not the last word choice, it's sure as shooting one in every of the most effective that Indian markets should show within the year 2021.

    But if you would like to try and do the marketing research all on your own, then we have a tendency to advocate that you just browse our purchasing guide. it'll sure as shooting assist you within the task.

    How to use mixer grinder

    Full Process How To Use Mixer Grinder?

    1) Identify and gather the ingredients
    The first step is to gather the ingredients that you want to method. it's a decent plan to put all along, right within the starting, so as to avoid any miss-out.
    Dry Grinding Jar

    2)Select the acceptable jar
    Then, you would like to settle on the correct sort of jar supported your demand. the most forms of jars that associate with mixer grinders are:
    • i. wet grinding jars,
    • ii. dry grinding jars,
    • iii. chutney-making jars, and
    • iv. juicer jars.
    Different jars have completely different uses. as an example, if you would like to grind some dry spices, devour the dry grinding jar.

    Learn a lot of regarding mixer grinder jar uses. browse our article on uses of mixer grinder jars here.
    Mixer Grinder shopping for Guide

    3)Ensure to use the proper blade
    The blades, like jars, additionally are available differing kinds. the foremost common ones are:
    • i. wet grinding blades,
    • ii. dry grinding blades,
    • iii. Indian relish jar blades, and
    • iv. prim blades.
    These, as their names recommend, come back connected to the various jars. However, just in case quite one blade will be used with a jar, certify that you just ar exploitation the correct one. the standard of process principally depends upon the blade. So, this can be a vital step.

    Learn a lot of regarding mixer grinder blade sorts and uses. browse our article on mixer grinder blade uses here.

    4)Pour the food things into the jar
    Once you're prepared with the correct blade connected to the correct jar, gently pour the ingredients into the jar.

    5)Mix water and alternative ingredients
    In Indian change of state, we tend to largely have to be compelled to combine or method quite one ingredient along. simply add them within the right amount and add water, if needed.

    6)Close & lock the jar lid
    After gushing the ingredients into the jar, you would like to confirm that the lid is correctly placed onto it and bolted tightly. Running the mixer grinder jar while not the properly fitted lid ought to be avoided in any respect prices. Not solely can there be an opportunity of accident or spillage, however it may cause injury to the mixer grinder.

    7)Mount the jar onto the mixer grinder unit
    Place the jar onto the mixer grinder machine and see that the mechanical device is correctly fitted. In most of the mixer grinders, this can be sometimes done by twisting the jar gently until it's properly bolted. If this can be not done fastidiously, again, the mixer grinder unit could get broken.
    7)Mount the jar onto the mixer grinder unit

    8)Start the mixer grinder
    After the jar is placed properly, place the plug into the electrical socket and switch it on. Then begin the mixer grinder by rotating the speed management knob. you would like to begin from rock bottom speed and step by step increase the speed, as per your demand.

    9)Use the correct speed
    It is vital to method the ingredients at the correct speed. Some stuff like dry spices could need to be processed at the next speed; whereas juicing, usually, is finished at a lower speed. The speed of process is important for making certain the standard and consistency of process.

    10)Keep an eye fixed on the consistency
    While you're processing the ingredients, it's vital to stay watching the consistency by checking it often. To do this, stop the mixer grinder, take away the lid and feel the consistency. this can be vital as a result of foodstuffs ar needed to be processed in numerous consistencies – thick, medium, or fine.

    11)Switch-off and disconnect once usage
    When you ar through with the work, switch-off the mixer grinder unit. Do bear in mind to disconnect the mixer grinder cord from the electrical mains so as to stop any sort of accidental run or injury. ‘Safety first’ is that the mantra here. 

    12)Shift the processed stuff to be used or storage
    It is sensible to shift the processed foodstuff from the jar now for usage or storage. the sole exception here is that the Grind & Store jars that ar meant to be used for storing the foodstuff additionally.

    Did you recognize that Preethi Blue Leaf atomic number 78, a 4 Jars, 750 Watt Mixer Grinder additionally comes with a Grind & Store jar? browse the complete review here.
    How to operate grinder mixer

    13)Clean completely
    Last however not least, the mixer grinder must be clean now once use. Clean the mixer grinder body with a moist artifact exploitation non-abrasive liquid cleaner and wipe it dry thenceforth. alternative accessories & parts like jars, blades, etc. ought to even be clean completely.

    Just just in case you disregarded on the article on the way to Effectively Clean a Mixer Grinder, click here to browse the mixer grinder cleansing tips.

    Wondering what is mincing in mixer grinder?

    Mincing may be a food preparation technique that involves finely cutting foodstuffs into uniform items. Minced food is softened into smaller parts than diced or sliced food, and it will be done employing a mixer grinder or a kitchen appliance.
    Garlic, ginger, and contemporary herbs, as an example, will be minced during this manner to distribute flavor a lot of equally in a very mixture. Meat is additionally minced in a very similar manner.

    The kitchen utensil blade is sometimes used for crushing the ice and grating completely different foodstuffs like coconut, carrot, walnuts, almonds, and alternative dry fruits.

    How to clean a mixer grinder

    Mixer grinders or just mixers area unit terribly unremarkably used room appliances which might be found in the majority households across the globe.  These appliances facilitate U.S. with many tasks within the room and it's not possible to imagine even one day while not them.  To avoid facing any issues which might interrupt the usage, you need to maintain and clean the mixers on a daily basis. If you're confused on a way to clean a mixer, then this text can encourage be extremely helpful for you. the subsequent area unit a number of the guidelines that may assist you learn the way to wash a mixer grinder:

    1. Use lemon peels to wash a mixer
    One of the simplest ways in which to wash a mixer is to create use of lemon peels. For this, 1st extract all the juice out of a lemon and so use the peel.  Rub the peel on the lid similarly because the inner a part of the implement. this can not solely facilitate take away the pungent smell however will assist you scrub it to get rid of tiny particles.  Let the implement be for quarter-hour and so wash it properly victimization clean water.

    2. Use leaven
    Another good way to wash a mixer is to use leaven. Take leaven and a few water and create a paste. currently apply this paste on the mixer and leave it there for regarding quarter-hour. currently wash the instrumentation victimization clean and clear water.  This helps to wash it fully and additionally take away the odour that's left within.

    baking soda for improvement mixer

    3. Use vinegar for stains
    In order to wash stains that area unit left on the mixer thanks to extended usage, you'll be able to create use of vinegar. create an answer victimization two tablespoons of vinegar and a few water.  Pour this answer into the mixer instrumentation and grind for regarding two seconds.  Check if all the stains are removed. If not, then grind once more with a touch less water within the instrumentation.

    4. Use detergent answer for improvement
    Take regarding one or 2 drops of detergent and drop it within the mixer instrumentation with some water. Swirl this answer within the mixer for regarding two seconds and so rinse the instrumentation well victimization clean water.  This technique too helps to wash a mixer properly and might be done on a daily basis.

    liquid detergent

    5. Use alcohol to wash a mixer
    To make your mixer a shiny one and additionally so as to get rid of the pungent smell, you'll be able to create use of alcohol to wash the mixer.  Soak the mixer in an exceedingly answer made from alcohol and water and let it's there for regarding ten minutes. Rinse the instrumentation properly victimization clean water.


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